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Suzuki GSX-R1000K7 Bazzaz dual-map Dyno set-up

By 28th February 2012ECU Remap, Suzuki

The customer who owns this Suzuki GSX-R1000K7 has been running into a problem we hear about a lot: British track days! Or, to be more precise, the noise limits at British track days. ‘Noisy’ days have recently dropped from 105dB to 102dB, which is making it even harder to get bikes through noise testing at the start of the day.

In this instance fitting a baffle to the open pipe had completely messed up the fuelling; this bike is running a Bazzaz system so we completely remapped it, and gave him the option of two maps to use (for running with baffle in, or baffle out). If he does get the chance to run open, all he has to do is flip a switch and the fuelling will be perfect with the baffle removed.

He’ll notice a huge difference in performance, though. With the baffle out this bike makes 170bhp, with it in it’s putting out 150bhp.

Two maps give the owner of this GSX-R the option to run with baffle in, or out.