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We’ve worked on the owner of this Kwak’s previous bikes – KTMs – and he liked our remapping approach, and felt that his standard ZZR might benefit from a little setup time. We’ve worked on stock bikes like this before, mainly focused on turning all the emissions rubbish and restrictions off…

So here, as the cat’s still in place we switched the lambda off but gave its very sensible and tidy fuelling map. And BINGO! Away she goes. It’s all about getting engines through emissions these days and the result often is rough-running down low; the cat is in and out of play below 20% throttle and in 5th/6th gear in cruise mode.

The ECO mode will try and keep flicking the lambda in and out to maintain a lean mixture – thus economy – and on truth you’ll get good mpg out of a big engine like this because it’s not working very hard. When we take out the lambda we preset the ignition maps the ECU uses and it sorts the bottom end out a treat.

And owner Duncan was kind enough to email us his thoughts:

From: duncan moffatt 
Sent: 02 December 2014 18:36
Subject: ZZR1400Evening all

Delighted to see the ZZR1400 on your website. Bike runs very well, mid range so much more flexible and responsive, a joy to ride at normal road speeds, overtaking on tricky country roads now dispatched with even more proficiency 

And photo reminds me of great biking weather!!


Duncan Moffatt

A lovely bike, now with the bottom end and throttle response it deserves.

A lovely bike, now with the bottom end and throttle response it deserves.