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We had a bit of a problem with this ZZR14 – when we first went to plug in we couldn’t get the map out of it to start work on the remap. It wasn’t a problem in the long run but our driver – which we have to use to access the map – needed rebooting. So, our issue but we got it sorted and then got busy.

And to be fair you can’t argue with a ZZR14 (with cans) making 196bhp at the rear wheel, which is how it ended up. We also reset the traction control to pick up where it was left, not the default maximum position on ignition start up; saving the owner aggravation and button pressing…

Near 200bhp? that'll do and will take you to near 200mph... nearly.

Near 200bhp? that’ll do and will take you to near 200mph… nearly.

Craig, its owner kindly sent us an email with his thoughts…

From: Renard, Craig

Sent: 21 August 2014 09:17


Subject: ZZR1400 ECU Remap

Hi Gill,

Well firstly, many thanks for getting me booked in as soon as you did.

The ride home was simply great and really showed the work that Mark has put into the re-map of the ECU. The transition from off to on the throttle is now creamy smooth with just seamless pull all the way through the rev range, (which to be fair is not easy to achieve on the queen’s highway in any gear above 3rd due to the insanely high speed you quickly get to). 

Mark has taken what was an already super quick bike and simply made it even more enjoyable and potent to ride. The power delivery is now (“to quote: Moorish!”). 

A top service all round and one that I would highly recommend to anyone serious about getting the most from their motorcycle. 

Many thanks and hope to see you all again soon. 

Kind regards.   

Craig Renard