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The owners of these two KTMs booked in for a double ECU remap months ago, took a day off work and stayed at the Bull Hotel in Peterborough the night before coming in  – the idea was to have a look around (go to Gear4 etc) on one bike while the other was being done.

We remapped the one fitted with Akrapovic pipes first while the two rode off on the bike fitted with Wings exhausts. When they came back they then went away on the remapped bike while we sorted the other; the owner of the bike with Akras noticed the difference straight away. He was doubly pleased because his bike made 2bhp more than his mate’s…

They’re both off to Spain in a few weeks on a riding holiday  – have fun chaps!

Mr Lee's Akras bested Mr Orchard's Wings by 2bhp...!

Mr Lee’s Akras bested Mr Orchard’s Wings by 2bhp…!