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A father and son came in recently with two bikes – this Kawasaki ZX-10R was the son’s. He wanted an ECU remap as opposed to a Power Commander for the obvious reasons; we can do so much more by directly plugging into the ECU.

Truthfully we also get a much crisper engine with an ECU remap than we do with a Power Commander. Our input is much more direct (obviously, as the PC effectively ‘interferes’ with the ECU rather than changing anything) and we can feel on the Dyno while doing the TPS runs how much the engine responds.

This 2007 Kwak had Akrapovic cans, so we remapped the ignition and fuelling tables, altered the balance between the top and bottom injectors and took out the speed  and ignition restrictions. This particular model was heavily controlled in the secondary butterflies, so we gave it its midrange punch bank, just like the 2004 monster.

One thing we couldn’t do was switch off the lambda sensor; we’re looking into why and should have an answer soon. These older bikes are less important from a software perspective so the development effort goes on new bikes first. Watch this space!

Full ECU for this Kawasaki, and it's got its midrange monster back...

Full ECU for this Kawasaki, and it’s got its midrange monster back…