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Honda CB1000R Power Commander PC V and 02 Eliminator Kit Dyno and set-up

By 24th February 2012Honda, Power Commander

Another Honda CB1000R came in recently for some Dyno time and full set-up of its Power Commander PC V. The owner had fitted the PC V and 02 Eliminator kit himself, and also dealt with the secondary air; he’d bought the bike in for a straightforward set-up, and saved some cash by doing some of the work himself. No problems for us there!

Mapping these particular bikes is a bit strange. You find that at the top of the small throttle openings, at high rpm, they go very, very lean and this is because it’s running on a MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor. This is where the bulk of the fuelling changes need to be made, with the result that the engine response feels a lot plusher. Going from a wide open throttle, to shut off, to back on feels much better – the motor’s getting the fuel it needs, when it needs it.

And don’t, whatever you do, fit an open can to one of these without addressing the fuelling; you’re asking for disaster in the long run…

This bike's owner fitted his own PC V and 02 Kit, we set it up for him; the results pleased both of us!