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KTM 990 Adventure full ECU remap

By 15th February 2012ECU Remap, KTM

We remapped the ECU of this KTM 990 Adventure using the Tuneboy system; we’ve used it before on a Triumph, with success, so wanted to know how it worked on the big V-twin Katooms as they now supply a lead.

It came in with the usual symptoms – snappy throttle response at low rpm, and it was very difficult to ride in traffic. The open Akro’ cans weren’t helping either. We addressed everything; close attention was paid to the ignition map, when and how much the secondary butterflies open, the emissions gubbins and also the fuelling.

At the end of the job we were very pleased, and the bike felt completely different; smooth rolling on and off the gas, and just plain rideable. And after he took it away, the customer that owns it has phoned us and is over the moon with his ‘new’ bike.

Full ECU remap using Tuneboy equals big thumbs up all round!