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Honda CB1000R Power Commander fit and setup

By 29th October 2012ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander

A rare (ish) sight, is the Honda CB1000R but we’ve seen a few of ’em through our doors over the last year or so for a Power Commander fit and setup on the Dyno. The long and the short of it is if you change the end-can, in the midrange (at small throttle openings/high rpm situations) the engine runs really lean. We are repeating ourselves here (we know) but it is important to sort the fuelling out in that area.

There are no major horsepower gains to be had; the stock exhaust system is horribly convoluted and putting a can on doesn’t necessarily help matters, but fit a can and a trip to a Dyno must follow. As well as fitting and setting up the Power Commander we also disconnected the airbox flap valve, eliminated the lambda sensor and blocked the secondary air system – all three interfere horribly without the stock can (and work quite well with it…) and you get uneven running, backfiring down the pipe plus the lean condition at small throttle/high rpm without the back pressure it provides.

Fit a can to a CB1000R and you’ll need a Power Commander…