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Triumph Daytona 675 ECU remap/Power Commander fit plus throttle body balance and valve clearance check

This 675 Daytona is owned by a young lad; he’s moved on up from a 125, via a Hornet and the Trumpet’s his first big sports bike (nice!). It’s a lovely, tidy bike – he’d already got a Power Commander for it and (although we wanted to fully remap his ECU) also had a quickshifter onboard so we did him a deal; we plugged into the ECU and turned all the emissions crap off and sorted his ignition map out (these Daytonas are restricted in first and second gear).

We then mapped all the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) areas through the ECU and sorted the full throttle stuff with the Power Commander. This way we knew the bike would run well, and he could retain his quickshifter. While it was here we checked the valve clearances and the throttle body balance (the air bypasses can become imbalanced, so well worth looking at).

We’ve a lot of time for the Triumph Daytona 675 – it’s a great road bike, and responds well to a little fettling…