Race Ducati 1098 Dyno set up

By 3rd August 2011 Ducati, ECU Remap, Race Bikes

This is a ‘second’ bike for a rider who runs well up the front in his race series; it was in for its Power Commander PC III to be remapped on the Dyno. It had just had an engine rebuild by Dave Allenby and was certainly strong, with an aggressive power delivery. In an ideal world we’d have dispensed with the PC III and plugged straight into the bike’s ECU, giving us a wider scope to make subtle changes, but as it was already fitted the customer wanted to use it – fair enough!

We inserted lambda bungs to the exhaust, then mapped each cylinder individually on the Dyno; it ended up leaving our shop with a solid 168bhp at the back wheel.

It may be bike number 2 but it's making 168bhp at the back wheel...