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2011 Kawasaki Versys Power Commander PC V & 02 Eliminator fit and Dyno set up

By 5th August 2011ECU Remap, Kawasaki, Road Bikes

The owner bought his Kawasaki Versys (complete with Leo Vince pipe) in complaining of rough running below 3,000rpm. He wasn’t joking – the lambda sensor was cutting in and out constantly, making massive swing changes to the fuelling low down. Between 3/4,000rpm on the road it felt like it wanted to stop; hanging back then going, hanging back then going etc. Horrible.

The cure? A Power Commander PC V plus 02 eliminator and some Dyno time. Now apparently as this is the first 2011 Versys to have the treatment (we don’t think it’ll be the last…), Dynojet UK didn’t send an 02 kit out with the PC V, but we made a temporary one while the other was in the post. The fuelling stock was appalling; very lean at the bottom so it needed a load of fuel, then further up the rev range it was rich so needed leaning out. After the Dyno session, and out on the road, the bike now felt mint – and could be trundled along in top gear at 2,500rpm easily.

Emissions nonsense has completely messed with the 2011 Versys's bottom end power delivery – a PC V and 02 eliminator kit plus Dyno time sorted it completely.