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Ducati 1098S, better safe than sorry!

By 19th December 2013Ducati

Ducati 1098S The current owner of this very nice Ducati 1098S, has only owned the bike for a few months, so he decided because the bike has not really been used in the last couple of years, to address the essential maintenance that these bikes need.

New oil and filter, new cam belts(a must), the spark plugs checked, then a few extras for his benefit. We fitted his Gilles rear sets, supplied and fitted a Cordona quickshifter, set up the suspension front/rear and finally carried an ecu re-map, removing some ignition to tame the beast for the road, and it left here making 142bhp(with the baffles in) at the rear wheel.

Just a note, the customer was supplied a Termignoni ecu with his exhaust, but we re-mapped the standard one, so that he ever decides to sell his bike, the Termi exhaust and ecu can go together.