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ECU remap by post – is it possible?

By 17th December 2013ECU Remap

A friend of ours who lives in southern France posed us a question recently – he has a customer who races a late model GSX-R1000; with the nearest place for an ECU remap 300 miles away to his location could we do it by post without the bike? Now there are things we can do; switch off all the the emissions rubbish, amalgamate the fuelling and ignition tables and remove all of the restrictions.

We can also give it more bottom and mid-range go. But as far as remapping the fuelling we really need the bike to get it right relative to the can and air filter fitted. We could flash in a generic map from a similar model – which would also deal with the French horsepower limit – but we’d expect in truth to be in the 85% of the 100% it’d be in our shop ballpark figure.

If you’ve no other option then it’s better than nothing!