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Ducati 1098 Cordona PQ8 Quickshifter fit

By 26th September 2011Ducati, Quickshifter, Race Bikes

The Ducati Performance Quickshifter is not a popular fitment these days to bikes like this 1098; it’s got some tricky set-up issues that interfere with the pick- up, and we’ve had Ducati dealers phone us for help with bikes with broken gearboxes due to the Quickshifter (so if you’re using one, be careful…).

We fitted a Cordona PQ8 strain-gauge Quickshifter and gear indicator to this 1098 and it is mint. At £308 plus VAT, with about an hour or so workshop time they’re almost a bargain – more than that they work well and are nearly bombproof…

Cordona PQ8 Quickshifters do the business on bikes like this 1098 racer.