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Ducati 848 side stand modification and ride-height adjuster

By 23rd September 2011Ducati, Road Bikes

A Ducati 848 owned by one careful lady owner – with a penchant for trackdays! She bought it in because she was having problems getting the sidestand down when she was sitting on it, and swinging her leg over the seat was not really on the cards. We added an extension piece to the sidestand so she could flick it down easier; we didn’t want to weld a peg on halfway up because the stand’s aluminium and will soften with the heat. So we drilled and tapped an extension piece.

While we were there we added a rear ride height adjuster from an 1198S, as some suspension ‘guru’ had wound the rear spring preload up to the max to add some ride height – she liked the way the bike steered but the shock was topped out with no sag at all.

Shorter legs, tall bikes and tricky sidestands are a recipe for disaster... two out of the three are easily fixed though!