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1995 Ducati 600SS carb overhaul

By 17th October 2013Ducati, Servicing


This Ducati 600SS came into us, because the customer was complaining that the bike would not idle when it was cold, then as it got warm the revs would shoot up too high.

Apparently according to the customer, the bike had been booked in elsewhere previously for the same complaint and was told that it had been sorted by lifting the height of the needles.

We have seen this problem before on various models of carburettor bikes, so Mark set to work stripping out the carbs to check the condition of the important parts.

As suspected the needles were showing major signs of wear, and if they were the original parts they were long overdue for a change.

We ordered new needles, emulsion tubes and jets, set the carbs up and got the bike running how it should so the customer can now carry on riding to work and not worry about the bike not starting on those cold mornings.