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Suzuki GSXR1000K4 suspension issues!

By 17th October 2013Servicing, Suzuki

Suzuki GSXR1000K4

One of our local customers bought this very tidy K4, but noticed riding it home in the rain that the front suspension had no rebound and was very hard to turn into a corner.

The guy he bought from assured him that the forks had been rebuilt after a seal change, but was it done correctly?

There was obviously a problem when Mark looked at the bike and tried to get the forks to move, they did just but with difficulty.

Mark stripped the front end down and removed the forks, checked all the internals and the oil that came out was so light and thin, he thinks it may have been some sort of hydraulic oil but just quite what we don’t know!  He rebuilt them using 5w Silkolene fork oil, set the correct air gap and now they are back in the bike, the customer should be able to turn into bends and corners like Suzuki intended.