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Andy Pepper was kind enough to email us his thoughts after he got his Beemer home after its ECU remap. Here’s what he reckoned:

From: andy pepper

Sent: 21 November 2014 08:15


Subject: BMW K1300s

Hi Good Morning Gill,

I hope you are all keeping well.

I thought it was about time I sent a note and a picture of my bike as requested. Sorry it’s taken so long just keep forgetting to do it.

I’m very pleased with my bike since you tuned and remapped it. The fuelling is so much better now. The bike’s throttle response is much smoother especially in traffic.

It also seems more responsive on acceleration and the gear changes with the quick shifter have improved also. The fuel economy seems about 3 mpg less so I’m guessing it must have been running a little lean so it’s a good thing that’s sorted. The remap has also resolved the flames from the exhaust that were melting my number plate and indicator.

I know that Mark was saying that he is planning to have a play with the maps from the BMW K1300 and the GS over the winter. If you need a K1300S bike for a guinea pig I would be happy for you to try things out on mine.

Andy Pepper

Andy's K1300 fresh from its ECU remap...

Andy’s K1300 fresh from its ECU remap…