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I thought I would write a post, relating to our business during the last year and a half.

We have been very lucky during Covid, it has not affected us in the way it has hit other sectors, while the motorcycle side slowed down slightly, the engineering side was busier than usual, due to the manufacture of parts for food machinery.

We are however now feeling the pressures of obtaining some parts for servicing, now whether this is caused because of Brexit, Covid or that ship that stuck in the Suez canal, we will never know for sure.

Everyday day items for example CR9E spark plugs (which fit lots of different bikes, especially Suzuki’s), Michelin tyres, if you can get a front, you cannot get a rear and most noticeably is the shortage of sprockets.

Costs have also risen quite a lot, meaning all in all, Motorcycling is getting more expensive but as usual we will always try and get the right parts and the right prices, not always OE labelled but a good alternative.

We continue to be very busy in the workshop with many different models for ecu re-mapping, servicing and tyre fitting, also the engine rebuilds are starting to come in as well.