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KTM 990 SMT ECU remap – an owner emails

By 1st March 2013ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

This is just the sort of reaction we like after we’ve remapped a KTM V-twin. Darren is a typical owner – he really appreciates his bike’s qualities, and has been frustrated for a long time by treacherous throttle response…

A big thank you to everyone at BSD.

Firstly for making me feel so welcome while waiting for my KTM SMT remap. And for making my SMT a pleasure to ride. I could feel the difference as soon as I pulled onto the main road when I left your premises, everything just seemed a little smoother.

The KTM still has that wonderful instant kick as you open the throttle, but gone are the stutters and surges that have become so common for KTMs. I thought it might be too good to be true so I put it to the test. 3rd gear trying to hold a steady 45mph behind slow moving traffic… no problem, did not have to use the clutch once.

Second test was trying to be nice and smooth going into and to go round a roundabout, again nice and smooth in fact I went round twice and the second time just holding a constant throttle and keeping my hand off the left hand grip so I could not use the clutch. What a difference you have made to this bike, once again thank you.


Darren Black