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2007 KTM Adventure 990 full ECU remap

By 30th July 2012ECU Remap, KTM

The owner of this stock 2007 KTM Adventure travelled all the way from Derbyshire, and his first words to us when he took his helmet off were; “If you can’t cure it put it in the skip…!”

The earlier fuel-injected Adventures differ from the later models in the way the ECU manages the engine, and require a slightly different approach when it comes to remapping. Later models, including bikes like the SMT (while they can individually be slightly different) the trimming of the various maps follows a particular set pattern. But with the early bikes, forget it – they need a totally custom map, built from the ground up.

This bike was truly horrible – a snatchy, awkward-to-ride mess. By the time we’d finished on the Dyno, built the custom map, it was a big pussycat. The owner, a switched on bloke, wanted to understand what exactly we’d done to the ECU, so he came into the Dyno room and had a good look at all the parameters changed – secondary butterfly valves, lambda, ignition and fuelling – on the computer screen, while we explained what we’d done, and why.

He left a happy man; he not only understood a little more about how his bike worked, he fired an email over to Gill to back up what we’d found on the test ride – his bike had been transformed, for the better.

Early Adventures are much harder work to remap – but the end result is worth the effort.