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Many Triumph Rocket III owners have realised that their bike is restricted. So that’s usually the first question we get when they come in! We can remove the restriction in the secondary butterflies – which is variable by gear – but can’t take out the top gear restriction that knocks 1,500rpm off the top-end.

To be fair, that’s not such a problem on this bike because at warp factor 5 flat out hanging onto it maybe an issue… Once remapped, de-restricted and fuelled correctly these things make great torque. Jon owns the beast pictured below and was kind enough to drop us an email with his thoughts post remap. Cheers mate, and hold on tight!

From: Jon

Sent: 27 February 2016 05:42

To: BSD <>

Subject: Re: Rocket 3 tuning

Hi Gill

Just a quick note to say thank you to Mark and yourself the tune on the Rocket is excellent, it’s almost like riding a new bike, Triumph should come to you to get their bikes mapped, thanks again, Jon.

Jon's rocket – now with boosters!

Jon’s rocket – fully liberated!

The owner of the Rocket below had fitted a Zard pipe and opened the airbox out so the engine could breathe. The problem was this had created massive holes in the power delivery and the fuelling was horrendous; this is a big engine and you can end up with big air/fuel mixture problems. Our job was to sort the fuelling out to match his changes and also switch off some of the restrictions.

After the work we ended up with over 150lb-ft torque and over 130 rear wheel bhp (it came in with 114bhp and 135lb-ft…). In effect we opened it out – not overly so in first and second because it needs to be rideable and not kill the clutch!

A big boost for this Rocket III has turned it into, er, more of a rocket!

A big boost for this Rocket III has turned it into, er, more of a rocket!

Roger bought his in for the treatment and was kind enough to drop Gill an email (and a lovely pic) after with his thoughts. Cheers mate!

From: Roger Read

Sent: 07 June 2016 20:20


Hi Gill and Mark,

Thanks for the copy power graph and what a difference on paper pre and post remap, not to mention how that transfers to tarmac!

I have had 3 Triumph Rockets over the years (other bikes too), this latest being the first to be remapped by BSD. What a massive difference and don’t underestimate, my expectation was hopeful but the change is beyond anything I expected.

Clearly much more power, pulling out of a bend delivery is more pronounced but as importantly, just so much more controllable. From the off, power is even more instantaneous than before with a much better feel between throttle position and fuelling, incredibly improved power deliver right through the RPM range and that little red line!

Just brilliant.

Cheers and ride safe,


Roger's Rocket – set free...!