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Triumph Tiger 1050 ECU remap

By 19th January 2012ECU Remap, Triumph

As stock (albeit with a can and K&N filter fitted) this Tiger was running ok, although would be a lot better minus the emissions equipment that was constantly interfering at low rpm. Its owner didn’t want to download a generic (dare we say one size fits nobody…) Triumph Performance map and wanted a custom map perfectly matched to his engine and set-up.

We remapped the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) map and the main fuelling table and also switched off the SAI (Secondary Air Injection) and the lambda sensors. It made good power after the work; 7bhp up on stock with 116bhp at the back wheel but, more importantly,left our workshop with an ECU brain devoid of EU interference that worked much, much better all round.

Good job!

Stealthy Triumph Tiger now has an ECU to match its open can and K&N filter...