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2002 Suzuki Hayabusa Power Commander PC III fitment and set-up

By 21st October 2011ECU Remap, Road Bikes, Suzuki

One 2002 Hayabusa, fitted with a full Yoshimura exhaust and K&N filter. Its owner was complaining of low speed running problems – this bike was too old to have lambda sensors fitted, but was running poorly because of the different airflow and lower back pressure from the filter and open exhaust.

A Power Commander PC III was a straightforward choice and fitment to sort this bike and out, and these engines respond beautifully; it needed fuel in the midrange, which we dialled in. It left our workshop with a 6-7bhp bulge over a wide rev band, and much improved throttle response.

Free breathing inlet and exhaust mods messed up this 'Busa's bottom end; a PC III sorted the job.