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Andrew, the owner of this VFR800, phoned Gill looking for advice. He’d gone online and bought an ‘old’ Power Commander PC III serial port – we explained that the spacing on these was too great within the rpm sectors and to get a good result the later USB model was needed.

He found a used one and bought the bike in – standard exhaust pipes – and before we started we neutralised the PAIR system, then eliminated the lambda sensor and airbox flap valve. We then mapped it and got a lovely, smooth power delivery. We were pleased! As was Andrew, who took the time to drop us an email with his thoughts (below pic) shortly after. Cheers mate!

Andrew's VFR800 – sorted!

Andrew’s shiny VFR800 – sorted!

From: andrew dring

Sent: 14 February 2016 18:00


Subject: Re: VFR800 Re-map

Hi Gill/Mark.

I managed to get the bike rebuilt and on the road today, just wanted to give you some feedback as promised.

I must confess to a little disappointment when I saw the print out and the BHP and torque are exactly what the bike is supposed to produce stock (107 BHP and 59 lbs. ft.) I was secretly hoping for more power and torque.

However, once I rode the bike the disappointment was short lived, the available power and throttle response is much more predictable and linear than before. It was so much easier to hold a fixed speed and I found myself trundling through villages at 30 MPH in 5th gear with no jerkiness or chain snatch. Once on the open road the bike seems to have much more low down torque, as I could then just wind on as much throttle as I liked and the bike accelerated smoothly, clutch-less up shifts seemed easier as the rev’s seem to come on and go off a lot quicker, and dare I say the dreaded VTEC 2 to 4 valve change over is transformed being much less noticeable regardless of how much right wrist is being used. The self induced flat spot I appeared to have introduced by fitting a K&N filter and those annoying flappy valve sounds when stationary have also mercifully disappeared.

To sum up, I don’t think we have added anything to the bikes characteristics that should not have been there from the factory. But I thank you for giving me the bike that I wanted, what’s a couple of HP or lbs. ft. at the top end that will rarely get used. You have given me a more controllable and enjoyable bike to ride.