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ECU remapping: what we do, why we do it, price guide and the bikes we can (and can’t) remap at the moment

0 Comments Posted June 14th, 2017 in ECU Remap.

In the old days (actually, not that long ago) we changed the jetting in carbs to suit engine fuelling after modifications. The legislation was less restrictive too but now when computers run our lives (and bikes) life is a little more complicated when it comes to sorting engines. Over the last few years the line-up of ECUs […]


So why ECU remap a bike that should be perfect out of the box? Because they often aren’t, and it’s not the manufacturer’s fault…

0 Comments Posted June 9th, 2017 in ECU Remap.

So why should you have to spend money remapping your bike’s ECU – shouldn’t it be perfect straight out of the dealer? Er, well no. It could be – and some are – but generally a manufacturer builds an engine, V-twin, triple, four with all the power and torque you could ever want and then […]


FAQs, Number One: My bike feels snatchy, will an ECU remap cure it?

0 Comments Posted January 9th, 2017 in ECU Remap.

We’re starting with this FAQ – and it’s in the top 3 – because we know the answer. YES! Most bikes are snatchy because from 2006 the EURO 3 emission rules were introduced, and any new model had to conform so ended up loaded with lambda sensors, airbox flaps, exhaust valves and a secondary air system. […]