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This 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS was booked in with us for ecu re-mapping, because the bike was suffering with the on/off throttle problem, which seems to affecting all modern bikes. The owner had de-catted the headers and had left the standard silencer on the bike, but it was obvious that the bike needed the fuelling custom mapped.

Switching off all the emission controls and mapping the bike to suit the changes, made the bike smooth to ride and now the owner could enjoy riding at all speeds.

112.10 bhp at the rear wheel and 68.71 torque.



Feedback from the owner:


Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome and mugs of coffee on Wednesday when I came to see you for remapping on my Z900rs ..the bike is much improved so a big thank you to Andy, no more snatch just smooth linear power!.. it’s a near night and day difference…although the bike was never unpleasant to ride but you have made it very much better and perfect for my needs so thanks again…I’m very happy and grateful to you all.

Kind regards