Tuning & Dyno Centre

Offering a complete tuning service has always been BSD Performance’s goal and our fully equipped workshop, engine building room and Dyno all play a key part in producing reliable, rideable motorcycles, road or race, that are not only a vast improvement over stock but also live up to expectation.

We use a Dynojet 250i Load Control rolling road Dynomometer and the ability it gives, to control engine rpm at any throttle opening, is crucial for consistency and the precise build of a performance fuelling map. Ironically, the knowledge earned in the pre-fuel injection era, working on the Dyno with CV and flat slide carburettors has proved an invaluable foundation for everything we do with EFI.

With regards engine tuning the first thing we do is find out what the customer is using the bike for, and what they actually want to achieve by uprating their engine’s output. Using our experience we then establish the expectations relative to application; road riders and club racers have very different needs and this part of the process is, we feel, one of the most important.

Any motor that passes through our engine room is meticulously stripped, cleaned and, after the tuning work cleaned and patiently, methodically rebuilt. We take our time, and we take care.