Established in 1972, Dynojet’s extensive product development testing for motorcycle engines required the use of a Dynomometer and, unable to find a anything suitable to meet the needs of the Research & Development staff, Dynojet went to the drawing boards and pioneered the first single roller, inertia, chassis Dyno for motorcycles in 1989. Shortly thereafter, Dynojet developed a computer interface and software package and began selling the first Model 100 Motorcycle Chassis Dyno.

The Model 100 proved to be affordable, reliable, accurate and above all consistent. This was the case not only from one measurement to the next, but also from one Dynojet Dynamometer to another, enabling communication and sharing of test data. The success of the Model 100 led to further developments in chassis dynamometer technology and, ultimately the state-of-the-art Dynojet 250i Load Control Dyno as used by BSD Performance.

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