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Need a perfect paint colour match for your bike? We have it!

By 30th November 2011Workshop Tips

As a company in the motorcycle trade, we know how difficult it can be to get a good colour match when ordering paint, to either completely re-spray or just touch-in the odd scratch or scrape.

So when we find something that works, we want to shout about it! To that end BSD would like to promote a range of motorcycle paint supplied to us by R.H. Lacke GmbH in Germany. Andy, our young apprentice, was given the task by Mark to completely re-build a ‘97 Ducati 916SPS, which is looking very tired ­– the main aim being to put the bike back to original condition. This required some parts, including the frame, wheels and other bits to be re-painted; trawling the internet for ideas we stumbled upon a Ducati forum that led us to R.H. Lacke which, according to many Ducati owners, is the only place to buy paint that is a perfect match.

We had to give it a go, so ordered 2 x 400ml spray cans of Ducati Gold Metallic ’95, which cost in the region of £70.00 inc tax and shipping (it’s approximate because of the exchange rate). Rather more than some paint available on the market admittedly, but the colour match was excellent, and at the end of the day, getting it right first time saves money in the long run. R.H.Lacke also supply 12ml touch-in sticks, engine paint, lacquer, base coats and a range of candy metallics in cans of varying volume for the vast majority of motorcycle makes and models.

For more information check out or, if you’d like to make an order, please contact us via the BSD website.