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CCM R30This is not our usual type of bike that we work on but we do like a change sometimes.

The owner of this CCM phoned us explaining that the exhausts that were getting very hot and that according to what he read it was caused by the pilot jets getting blocked.

He brought the bike down with a list of the things that needed attention ie the service, that the sidestand was making the bike lean too much, sort the carbs and an M.O.T.

He provided us with an oil filter, O rings, spark plugs, new pilot jets and new carb top screws, so all we had to provide was some oil and we have to say that WE DO NOT mind our customers supplying their own parts, as long as they are correct for the job and are fit for purpose!

The pilot jets were changed, carbs cleaned, service carried out, brake fluid changed, headstock bearings taken apart and greased, sidestand altered, finally M.O.T carried out.