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We’ve had a run on Victory motorcycles this year and we quite like ‘em – they’re not a Harley or Japanese, a but bit inbetween… And they make decent power, are well equipped with forks and brakes, and not stupidly heavy!

But all that’s beside the point. As far as sorting the fuelling they need some effort – even with a Power Commander you have to map each cylinder individually, which delivers a much nicer feel to the bike, with sharper throttle response. Unfortunately they are restricted in the higher gears, which knocks a bit of fun out the top end.

Generally the horsepower figure once the engine’s dialled in sweetly is in the late 90s; with a few bits and pieces added they’ll do 110/115bhp. One bike had cams in and did 120bhp, which is sprightly!

We’ve had a rush of Victory cruisers this year, and we like ’em!