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Husqvarna 900 Nuda full Arrow exhaust and Power Commander PC V fit and setup

By 11th September 2013Husqvarna, Power Commander

Powerful engine in this Husky… blimey. It’s owned by a regular customer, we’ve done several of his bikes and he always knows what he wants. He initially asked us if we could remap the ECU; which we probably could as it’s got the same unit as the F800 BMW but the time it’d take to get the driver from Rexxer wasn’t an option, so a Power Commander PC V it was.

We remapped to his exhaust – he had a baffle but it was really restrictive, so we altered it and left it in. We also did a map for baffle in or out – about 3bhp difference – controlled from a handlebar switch. All in all a strong motor made better.

We don't see many of these Nudas, but they're a very healthy motorcycle...

We don’t see many of these Nudas, but they’re a very healthy motorcycle…