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Yoshimura R77 end-can for 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R

By 29th June 2011Kawasaki, Parts News

Yoshi’ USA have just released a new R77 open end-can for the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R. If you use the optional link pipe you’ll also need a PC V to deal with the lambda sensor and make the most of the pipe, in fact we’d advise against using an open can on a bike like the ZX-10R without some dyno time and a Power Commander. Call us for options…

The R-77 end-can uses a trapezoidal-shaped sleeve, maximizing muffler volume, while offering a sharp silhouette. There are two options to choose from; the R77 end-can alone, that bolts straight onto the stock exhaust system, or the R77 end-can with ¾ link pipe, which dispenses with the catalyzer. Both are designed and approved for circuit use only.

Yoshi' R77 Stainless steel

Tech Specs are as follows; weight of the stock can is 6.53kg.

ZX-10R R-77 Performance End-Can

Part number, sleeve type & RRP (inc. VAT):

141-802-0220          Carbon Fibre sleeve/CF end cap                 £676.04

141-802-0520          Stainless Steel sleeve/CF end cap               £540.61

141-802-0550          Stainless Steel sleeve/SS end cap               £484.18

141-802-0720          Titanium sleeve/CF end cap                         £619.61

ZX-10R R-77 Performance End-Can plus ¾ exhaust system

Part number, sleeve type, weight & RRP (inc. VAT):

141-804-0220          Carbon Fibre sleeve/CF end cap     3.5kg               £709.89

141-804-0520          Stainless Steel sleeve/CF end cap   3.7kg               £574.46

141-804-0550          Stainless Steel sleeve/SS end cap   3.6kg               £518.03

141-804-0720          Titanium sleeve/CF end cap             3.53kg             £664.75

Noise Output (decibels)

Stock exhaust:                                   93.8dBA @ 5,000rpm

R77 with dB-Killer fitted:               97.3dBA @ 5,000 rpm

R77 open:                                          100.4dBA @ 5,000rpm

A BSD Performance Package will net you a 10% discount off the RRP of the R77 Yoshi’ end-can in the sleeve type of your choice, plus the PC V and K&N filter (which we really do recommend adding at the same time) and we’ll fit the lot and set it up on the Dyno for £120 plus VAT.

Yoshi' R77 Carbon Fibre