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Trackday BMW S1000RR Cordona PQ8 quickshifter set up

By 23rd March 2011BMW, Parts News, Quickshifter

BMW’s S1000RR is the hottest track day bike of choice right now – and this 2009 model was in for a Cordona PQ8 strain gauge quickshifter kit set up. The problem with the stock BMW quickshifter (which doesn’t manifest itself on the road) is that under hard track use its action is spongy, stressing the gearbox, plus all settings are factory pre-determined in the ECU and non-adjustable. There are several aftermarket quickshifters available, but we’ve found anything switched to earth gives problems with the ECU reading a fault. The Cordona PQ8 system went on this Beemer easily and worked flawlessly; they’re fully adjustable, fully programmable, and while it’s cutting the unit tells the bike’s ECU that all is OK. Its harness is plug and play, there’s no wire cutting and it bolts straight on. For a tad under £300 (plus fitting) it’s a bargain, and completely transferable to any other motorcycle (note; BMW do use different plugs to the Japanese manufacturers).

BMW S1000RR; a fast bike for super-fast track day fun...

Cordona's PQ8 quickshifter fits relatively easily and works superbly.