BMW S1000RR ECU remap

By 1st February 2011 BMW, Parts News

We’ve seen a fair few BMW S1000RRs through the workshop, road and race, in for varying degrees of work. Experience has shown that just changing the exhaust end can has little effect, although Yoshimura Japan has developed an EEC-approved slip-on Tri-Cone end can that works better than most.

A Power Commander PC V definitely is the best addition you can make if you’re fitting a can for road use; the engine will run very lean otherwise, especially through the mid-range. We’ve found that the only way to get a really solid performance improvement is to map through the gears for each individual gear, as there are some real gains to be had at part and full throttle openings

We’re also working on our own custom remapping options for the BMW’s ECU – watch this space!

Yoshimura BMW S1000RR EEC-approved Tri-Cone

Part Number/Sleeve Type/Weight/RRP including VAT

1A0-635-5B50         Stainless Sleeve/Stainless Cone    1.4kg      £574.76

1A0-635-5B20          Metal Magic Sleeve/Stainless Cone 1.4kg      £655.23

1A0-635-5B80          Titanium Sleeve/Stainless Cone      1.2kg       £632.24

1A0-635-5B80B       Titan Blue Sleeve/Stainless Cone   1.2kg        £712.71

The weight of the stock can is 1.5kg

Road legal EEC-approved Yoshimura can for BMW's missile works well

Dynojet’s PC V for the Beemer retails at £334.98 inc VAT. With our BSD Performance Package you can get a 10% discount off the RRP of the Yoshi end-can of your choice, PC V and K&N filter (which we’d recommend fitting at the same time) and we’ll fit the lot and set it up for £120 plus VAT.