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Yamaha R6 National Superstock Dyno set up

This is young superstar-in-the-making Tommy Fountain and his Yamaha R6; he’s racing in the National Superstock 600 series run at BSB. Sponsored purely by his father and family friend Andy Stubbs, his bike was in for some set-up time on the Dyno. Off came the ‘shorty’ Akrapovic pipe, and on went an Arata which being quite a bit longer helps the Yamaha in the mid-range; its Power Commander PC V was then mapped to suit the new can. We also looked at ways that he could change his fuelling at a meeting – on a cold day give it a bit more fuel, on a hot day, a bit less. While modern 600s aren’t like the two-strokes of old, that required constant re-jetting to suit conditions as they change minute by minute, and their ECUs will compensate some, they do benefit from some options if the weather fluctuates wildly… which it seems to do a lot these days.

Young Tommy Fountain – watch out for the name this year...

Arata end-can gives better midrange power which helps punch out of corners.

Tommy's R6 stripped and ready for attention.