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Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 Dynojet ignition module/quick shifter misfire

By 1st July 2011On the Dyno, Quickshifter, Suzuki

We’re seeing a few bikes now, with five or six years under their belts, having issues with Dynojet ignition modules that were fitted from nearly new; these allow the ignition to be remapped and also allow use of a quickshifter by providing an ignition cut.

This Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 came in with a misfire and all sorts of running problems, and it turned out that the Dynojet ignition module (which is under a lot of stress and has to work hard, and also tends to get stored at the bike of the bike where there’s a lot of vibration) was having a problem sensing the crank, resulting in the misfire.

The solution? It’s the quickshifter element here that causes the problem, and fitting a Cordona PQ8 strain gauge-type QS is by far and away the most elegant way of separating the functions, plus it’s transferable bike-to-bike.

A cooked Dynojet ignition module plus quickshifter will give all sorts of problems... including extreme camera shake. Ahem.