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Honda Hornet 600s have become universal track day bikes; after the Hornet Cup ran in the late 90s everybody realized their potential and they’ve proved over the last decade or so to be cheap, tough, fun and fast bikes to ride on a circuit. A lot of big sportsbike riders are using ‘em to get their jollies on the track and generally a stock 80bhp Hornet will do 3 seasons with just tyres and fuel throwing at it, but we see a fair few in for a refresh and a CBR600-spec tune, which is easily done. A ported and skimmed cylinder head plus re-profiled cams turns the motor into a 95bhp flyer, with absolutely no loss in reliability (it was designed for this level of output in the first place…). The only thing to watch is the gearbox, as rearset linkages can hammer it under hard, repeated use.

The Honda Hornet; tough, fast and great fun stock. Much better in CBR600 spec!