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Honda Hornet 600 racebike pre-season Dyno shakedown

By 2nd February 2012Honda, On the Dyno, Race Bikes

We still see plenty of Honda Hornet 600s through our workshop; this one (which we’ve dealt with in the past…) was bought recently by ex-Hornet racer Andrew Bedford. He’s planning to do a few track days on it, and maybe a bit more racing in selected classes.

Our job for him was to do a Dyno ‘shake-down’ run post engine-rebuild and give it a thorough check over. We ended up removing the PAIR emissions valve and adjusted the pilot jets, and basically gave it a gentle pre-season fettle. We also tweaked the chassis a touch, just small things we’ve learned over long experience with these bikes that really make a difference.

Have fun, mate!

Fully fettled and ready for a Summer's fun – Andrew's cool little Hornet...