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Honda CBR1000RR PC III remap

By 6th April 2011Honda, On the Dyno, Road Bikes

In for a minor service – oil, filter, a pair of fancy ASV levers and a general check over – this tidy 2008 Honda CBR1000 also spent some time on the Dyno having its Power Commander PC III ‘trimmed’. Now that it’s done a few miles and loosened up the fuelling needed some adjustment; in this case a little bit less fuel. A tight engine needs more fuel to drive it and as it frees up with use, it needs less. Happily enough, trimming fuel out of certain areas also brings the power up and delivers a nice, crisp delivery to your throttle hand.

In for a minor service this CBR Thou' benefitted from trimming on the Dyno; less fuel, more power.