Ducati Streetfighter ECU remap

By 4th March 2011 Ducati, On the Dyno, Race Bikes

Moto 46 bought their Ducati Streetfighter, as raced by Chris Matthews, in this week for a full remap of the stock ECU on the Dyno. It wears Yoshimura end cans mated to stock 1098 downpipes, and is running a Cordona strain gauge quick shifter. We added a Filtrex performance air filter and then got busy with the ECU reprogramming; first job was to switch off both lambdas plus the flap to the exhaust pipe. Next up was revised fuelling and ignition maps for front and rear cylinders, a raised rev limit plus removal of the torque ‘restrictions’ in first, second and third gear. The net result is 15bhp up over a stock bike from 7,500 rpm to 9,500rpm plus beautiful power and torque curves.

Ducati Streetfighters are restricted in first, second and third; but it's easily dealt with...

Cordona strain gauge quickshifter works perfectly with a superb 'cut' and action