Ducati 860GT carb set-up

By 28th January 2011 Ducati, On the Dyno

The BSD workshop reverberated and rumbled to the sound of a real motorcycle this week – a beautiful Ducati 860GT was in for a carburettor set up on the Dyno and grown men were seen weeping in its presence. The owner uses it for sprinting and added to a tall first gear its new 40mm Dell ‘Orto carbs he’d fitted were drowning it off the bottom, delivering way too much fuel to get good drive from zero rpm. Getting the carburation spot-on from idle on up was the main job of the day, and disconnecting the accelerator pumps – which work fine when under way, but tend to flood the engine in large throttle opening/low speed situations.

Now we love modern bikes and all their performance and ability – but they certainly don’t make ‘em like they used to, which in this case is a real shame…

BARROOOOMBAAAAAAAAHHH!!! it said. OOooooooohhh... we all said.