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The American owner of this beautiful 2009 Ducati 848 works at (he works at RAF Coningsby and had a phone call while he was here to get back to the base, as the whole Libyan no-fly zone situation was kicking off…) left his bike with us for a full ECU remap. Why? Dreadful low rpm (below 5,000) snatchy and downright unpleasant power delivery – it was fitted with Akrapovich cans that had leaned the bike right out running the standard ECU program. First job for us was to suck out the stock map, switch off the lambda and re-program the ECU on the Dyno; three hours work in total – quite a long job – but well worth it. It’s a different beast now, pulling cleanly from 2,500rpm in fifth and sixth, and 2,000rpm in the lower gears. It was also idling much better – all down to dealing with the lambda.

Beautiful – low miles and well kept. This 848's now got the ECU map it needs.