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2006 Ducati ST2R 1000 ECU remap

This 2006 Ducati ST2R 1000 was running a full Leo Vince system and missing half its airbox top; it ran like a bag of spanners. Some initial Dyno runs established exactly where the fuelling was and although earlier examples of these Ducatis didn’t have lambda sensors this one did, so the next job was to neutralize it to stop its interference.

The 2-1 exhaust system and open airbox meant the engine was running very lean and desperate for fuel; the symptoms of ‘hunting’ and constant throttle running issues had been obvious, and irritating, to the owner for some time. Plugging directly into the ECU we remapped the fuelling to suit the engine’s free-breathing set up, but because we’ve made some dramatic changes we may have the bike back in for some more subtle tweaking.

On that point, as we back up and store on file all the mapping for each customer’s ECU it’s much more cost effective to come back and get further Dyno and remapping work done as we charge it out at a flat hourly rate. This makes fine-tuning a map much quicker (and cheaper!) as the groundwork has already been done.

An open pipe and open airbox equalled a dangerously lean engine and poor running; a full ECU remap solved the problems.