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The great thing about an ECU remap is that the owner gets to decide how they want their engine to behave; the KTM 990 Adventure is a case in point. Most owners just want a smoother power delivery to make part throttle and roll-on acceleration easier. But some actually do go off-road, and need to go further.

And we do just that, so the owner has to be serious, because to deliver pillowy-soft power from first crack of gas the ignition table has to be completely revised, which does lose a little V-twin character. Perhaps the best example of the change came from KTM owner Pat last year, who got a remap as he’s a serious off-roader. He sent us an email with his thoughts, which sums up the differences…

Hi Gill, Mark,

Had a great weekend at the Rydale Rally, the weather was very kind to us and the riding was terrific. The remap that Mark did was excellent allowing slow riding through ruts, tree roots and rocks with minimal clutching. I seriously doubt I would have had been able to this with the original ECU map, or at least have any fun trying.

Engine braking was just perfect in the forest, no lock up of the back end on greasy down hills and yet still enough there to be controlling speed with minimal brake input. The power delivery was smooth and progressive in the area the changes were made with no loss of punch when needed which made for fun aggressive hill climbs.

ECU remapped for off-road use, this KTM's ready for anything...
ECU remapped for off-road use, this KTM’s ready for anything…

Fast flat out (in my dreams) forest roads were pure fun in the most part – stopping being the main problem! In my opinion the bike with this mod was much less tiring and lots more fun to ride off road than with the original map which had me exhausted from the snatchiness and engine braking, both of which are gone. Simply this was the best modification I have made alongside fitting knobblies.

Kind regards,