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Sometimes it doesn’t always go quite to plan, as Gill explains below with the long-running saga of a poorly Adventure…

“This KTM 990 Adventure was ridden down from Scotland over a year ago to be ECU remapped but when Mark went to plug into it to get started he found the ECU had been locked, so there was nothing we could do. I phoned his local KTM dealer who agreed to have a look at it, so our customer dropped it off with them. Well, things went from bad to worse because whatever they did the bike went in running but ended up not running at all…

 After six months of wrangling the bike was returned to its owner but wasn’t running well at all – and the exhaust downpipes were glowing red. At that point he phoned me up, and I suggested that he buy a fuel tank filter kit because we had previously seen another Adventure that was doing something very similar. He gave it a go, and it seemed to work.

So finally we got the bike back down here in Peterborough, and Mark got to remap the ECU (specifically for touring) just as the owner wanted in the first place!”

And the owner Scott has just dropped us an email with his thoughts now the dust has settled. Cheers mate, happy touring!

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From: Scott Munro  

Sent: 15 March 2015 22:13


Subject: You’ve been contacted via the form “Contact Form” on BSD


Hi Gill and Mark.

I got a fair run on my Adventure which you put right, after KTM in Scotland “put right”! Mark has made the bike absolutely as I wanted it. Much smoother response at low revs, so more manageable in traffic, less aggressive snatch and good power right where I need it mid range, but also well beyond (couldn’t resist a thrash, just to see…!).

Having come close to selling it for scrap, after such a long drawn out episode with the dealers, I look forward to some good touring and camping this year at last.

Your service to your customers is outstanding, in my book and I am very happy that I finally have the bike the way it should be, thanks to BSD.

Kind regards,



It's taken a while, but this Adventure is now set up for touring thanks to an ECU remap.
It’s taken a while, but this Adventure is now set up for touring thanks to an ECU remap.