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A couple brought this Guzzi in after several trips to their local dealer. The owner had had several before this one, including a Daytona which he liked, and bought the 1200 Sport at a bargain price of the back that experience. He rode it a bit but especially two up both he and his passenger found the throttle response very snatchy.

And this is unfortunately a byproduct of what a manufacturer has to go through these days to get their bikes homologated. Now he’d changed the cans but had left the link pipe and catalyser in place, so we had to work around a few compromises. First thing to do for the ECU remap was switch off the lambda – we ran the bike up on the Dyno and keeping the cat’ in mind richened up the fuelling through the bottom end, as it was running very lean.

We then had a close look at the ignition maps and acceleration maps, which is a secondary transit map that manages the moment between closed and open; we squirted a bit more gas in just to give it a bit more trouser as there was a definite lag in pick-up and response.

We rode it as it came in and several times during the course of the remap – and this is one Guzzi that came good in the end.

Not very two-up touring friendly was this Guzzi – all sorted now.

Not very two-up touring friendly was this Guzzi – all sorted now.

And owner Paul thought so too, and was kind enough to drop us an email after his first test ride. Cheers mate!

Sent: 12 January 2015 17:14


Subject: ECU re-programming

Dear Mark and the Team,

I had my Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport ECU re-programmed in early December and wanted to drop you a quick email just to say I have finally got around to taking it out for a road test and cannot believe how much this has transformed the bike!

The low speed fuelling problems have almost completely disappeared and whereas before there was a step between the closed and open loops at about 2500 revs it now just keeps on pulling and pulling!

Fantastic job all round – from my first telephone enquiry to discuss my problems with your very knowledgeable staff through to dropping the bike off for re-programming where I was able to explain exactly what I wanted the bike to do.

You have delivered exactly what I wanted with friendly and professional service throughout and I will not be hesitating to recommend your services to others.

I am now seriously considering changing the collector box and will definitely be back in touch when the good weather has arrived!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Paul Twamley