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Stock KTM 990 SMT ECU remap – an owner’s words

By 5th December 2012ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

We keep remapping ’em, and the KTM owners keep letting us know about ’em after! Bernard was kind enough to drop us a line after his stock 990 SMT was remapped recently. All the usual things apply, even with standard pipes – switching off lambda and emissions, and revising the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) map, secondary butterfly valves and ignition and fuelling tables on the Dyno.

Just a note to let you know that I am very happy with the Service you gave me on my KTM Supermoto last week. You made me feel very welcome and did a great job as my bike is now smooth and working perfectly!



Ridden up from London. another SMT 990 for a full remap, a stocker this time.