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MV Agusta F4 Power Commander and ECU set-up

This MV F4 is in mint condition and done absolutely nothing stood in somebody’s front room most of its life. The chap who bought it felt it wasn’t running well and he was right; the Power Commander already fitted wasn’t well set-up. Mainly because the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) input on the PC had been set to start at 4 instead of 0…

Before we even started remapping the PC we opened up the bike’s ECU, because most of the snatchy running that these bikes are rightly known for is down to the older Magneti Marelli ECUs they use, which simply haven’t got the computing power to run all aspects of the engine well.

The have another problem, too and we did a lot of these when they were brand new fresh from the factory – the engines were effectively leaned off to pass emissions tests and the dealers were scared of sorting them out as they should have done. To us at the time it was just a Ducati ECU, so we ripped the lid off, found the adjustment pot, and dialled the fuel back up. So with that dealt with on this bike we got on with the PC remap on the Dyno, and all went well.

A beautiful MV, now with a lovely power delivery...

A beautiful MV, now with a lovely power delivery…

We heard from the owner after he took his bike away and he seems very pleased with his bike’s throttle response:

Hi just a quick line to say thanks for the work done on my MV. Took it out Saturday afternoon it’s like a new bike, much better pick up and feels much nicer to ride.